Well, i suppose I should write something about me, just in case that someone stumble on this blog...

I'm interested in electronics, but don't have any formal education for it. So, if you see something done in a strange way, don't be surprised! :-D Also, english is not my primary language, so please ignore any mistakes in text that you notice! But, for me, english is much easier when computers, programming and electronics are in question, so I'll do my best to be correct and precise!

One another note, and that is primary reason I started this blog, is that I usually start something, and then I don't have enought time/will/something causing to stop working on that something, and later can't remember what I have done, or how, or even what was my goal with that! :-D So, this blog will be my record of my doings!

If this helps anyone (including me!), even better!