So, if you followed previous post, you have installed needed toolchain, downloaded openchronos-ng, configured it and build. Now, we need to flash new firmware.

There are two ways, wireless and with usb dongle. Wireless adapter should work without problem, with created/dev/tty.usbmodem001 (or similar, check dmesg). But, with what? You have Control Center on CD that came with watch, or you can download it. But, that link is for linux binaries, not OSX! So, I have installed VirtualBox, downloaded pre made ubuntu virtual image, and installed it in that virtual machine, and then just copied TI Chronos folder to my osx. And it worked! After just slight code change

Go to folder where you copied eZ430-Chronos folder from linux machine, and edit

vi Control\ Center/Chronos\ Control\ Center/eZ430-Chronos\ CC\ 1_2.tcl

Now, go to line 65, and there is specified port for usb dongle, hardcoded! Just change it to your device name (in my example it’s /dev/tty.usbmodem001, but make double check!). So, now it should work, and if it starts and doesn’t complains for missing port/device, you should be able to flash your watch!

Second one is with usb dongle, which is failsafe type, doesn’t work out of box! Apple CDC driver doesn’t creates device under /dev. You need to install another CDC kext to get it working! So, just download it, install, reboot, and that’s it! Now, you can flash your watch with mspdebug (installed in previous post).

cd /opt/local/src/openchronos-ng
mspdebug rf2500

Now, you should see various info and settings, and after few seconds, you are at (mspdebug) prompt. Just write next line, and your watch will be flashed!

prog openchronos.txt

And don’t worry if it seems that it doesn’t work, it’s quite slow!

That’s it!! You now can flash you watch from OSX either over usb or wireless, and can develop modules for your watch!